Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the only true method of Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis has been safely performed for almost 150 years. It is the only proven method that is 100% permanent and effective on all hair colors, types and textures. It is also safe for all body areas and all skin colors. It works on absolutely everyone regardless of medications and hormonal imbalances such as PCOS. Electrolysis is a difficult skill to master and good Electrologists are hard to find.

The most important part of successful Electrolysis treatments is finding an Electrologist who performs the treatment correctly. It is their skill that determines whether you get results or not. If you have a good Electrologist, Electrolysis will always work and it will change your life. This is the simple yet important guide to finding a good Electrologist.

IMPORTANT Information

An Electrologist is a person who has trained to remove your unwanted hair with Electrolysis. This is not an easy job and requires lots of practice and skill. There are some people who have the talent for it, and there are just some others who do not.   

Electrolysis is a delicate procedure that involves inserting a very fine probe (needle) into your hair follicle. The Electrologist must not only accurately insert this needle into your follicle, but also to the proper depth. Once she has this in place, a current will be released and will travel from the epilator, and through the probe into your follicle. The current will weaken the growth cells and the hair is removed with a pair of tweezers. There should be no sensation of plucking. If she does not do this correctly, you risk damage to your skin or risk wasting your time and money with little to no results.

Your Electrologist should be friendly, have a steady hand, good eye sight, good time management skills and a great eye for detail. Your Electrologist must be extremely knowledgeable in hair cycles to recommend proper appointment frequency and spacing and to know what to expect in terms of any regrowth. Your Electrologist must be understanding of your needs and sincerely want to help you. 

Your Electrologist must be accurate and precise but this does not mean she needs to be slow. You should be able to have at least 100 hairs removed in a 15 minute session. There are some very skilled Electrologists who can remove close to 1000 hairs per hour and this will get you results much faster and make the expense much more worth it.

Choosing an Electrologist

Proper Training

A good Electrologist has trained or apprenticed under another successful Electrologist and has seen the results of this permanent hair removal method. It is not something that should be self taught. A schooling certificate is a bonus but the schools often use out dated equipment and the students get very limited practice or experience. The courses are not often long enough for them to see the process working. How do they know they did it right if they never saw the outcome? A person does not need to be certified in Canada to perform Electrolysis Hair Removal, so as long as they have apprenticed or trained under another successful Electrologist, that is what matters. 

Up to Date Methods

The method your Electrologist uses is important. Although all methods work when performed correctly, some are more comfortable than others. Some are also faster, allowing you to remove much more hair in each appointment. 

The blend is a method where each hair takes a few seconds to complete and a grounding rod is held and the current is conducted through your body. This is a much slower method and thermolysis or flash is much more common nowadays.


Just because an Electrologist has been practicing for a long time doesn't  mean they are any good. Your Electrologist may have only had a year of experience and be really great. An experienced and older Electrologist might know what shes doing, or she might be stuck in the past. It is important to do your research.


Your Electrologist should offer you a free consultation to allow you to make a proper decision. She should appear knowledgeable and explain to you the hair cycles and recommend how long you should book and how often you should come in to receive the fastest results. She should give you a time frame for permanent results but she should not be able to magically predict an exact date or number of appointments... This is impossible due to many factors. 

Signs of a Good Electrologist


Your Electrologist should specialize in Electrolysis and have worked on many different clients, body areas, hair types and textures to gain sufficient experience. This cannot be achieved if Electrolysis is only offered as a side service. Many aesteticians or skin care technicians take the Electrolysis course as part of their beauty training but they never get any real experience before performing treatments. Someone who specializes in Electrolysis is a much better choice. 

Superior Equipment

Electrolysis has come a long way and you can reach permanent results even faster than before with the new technology available. The magnification, tools and technology your Electrologist chooses could play a very important factor in how quickly you get results.

 Although Electrolysis with a good Electrologist will be successful with any epilator or method of Electrolysis, it is important to note that the newer machines are usually more comfortable and will leave less irritation to your skin. If this is a concern for you, look for an Electrologist who uses a higher frequency epilator. The highest currently on the market is 27 MHZ and has been known to produce faster results as well.   

The magnification your Electrologist uses is extremely important. When you are having such a delicate procedure, you want to be sure your Electrologist has the best view of the follicle. Improper insertion leads to poor or no results, bruising, bleeding and scarring. The higher the magnification, the more accurate the Electrologist is able to be with their insertion.

Microscopic Electrolysis is recommended for a superior view of the follicle. A microscope ranges upwards of $20,000 and is often used to conduct dental surgeries. This magnification method is becoming popular among reputable Electrologists and allows them to achieve perfect accuracy with each insertion. They can see every last tiny hair that you want removed without hesitation. If your Electrologist has invested in a Microscope, that is a very good sign.


Some people are annoyed when they can't get in for an appointment right away. This is actually a good thing. This means that your Electrologist is popular, has clients booking with her on a regular basis and that means they are getting results. Don't be so quick to sacrifice quality and try to be patient. As her clients come in less frequently and finish their hair removal process, room will open up for you. You might have to wait a couple extra months but she could provide much faster and better results than an Electrologist who is not as popular.


An Electrologist should only charge you by time.

All Electrologists will charge a different rate depending on their experience, availability, location, technology and demand. This hair removal process will last a lifetime and is worth every penny when it's done right. If you have find a good Electrologist but she charges a much higher rate, don't choose a lesser Electrologist based on cost. Its probably worth the price difference... especially if she gets you results faster. 

Electrolysis should be paid for by time. They should not ask for a set cost up front. Pre-paid packages are a great way to save money but only if you have "tested out" your Electrologist and trust she has the knowledge and skill to do the job properly. 

An Electrologist can't guess the exact number of appointments you will need and doesn't know exactly how long it will take, how slow or fast your hair grows, what stage your hair is growing in and doesn't know exactly how many hairs you have because they aren't all visible at the same time. It takes 8-13 weeks for a hair to regrow once it has shed or is removed by it's root. So it can take 2-3 months to see exactly how much hair is under the skin and to treat it all at least one time.

How Should the Process Go?

First you will lie down and the Electrologist will examine the area. They will choose a probe size and setting that is needed to remove the hair properly and with ease. Then then will begin to remove hairs. Not all hairs are the same thickness under magnification. She will remove the worst ones first. 

Different areas may be treated differently. For example on the leg, the hair may be removed from the ankle up to the knee. This would remove patches of hair at a time and it is easier to track and notice results with this strategy. 

On an upper lip or chin that is more noticeable, the hairs will be thinned out so that the reduction appears less drastic. When thinning the area, the Electrologist will continuously move back and forth over the area, first removing the darkest, longest and most noticeable ones. She can remove certain hairs or she can remove all of the hairs. It is up entirely up to you what you wish to remove. 

Usually you will go for appointments weekly until the area is cleared in order to keep on top of the hair growth and not fall behind on it. If you wish to clear it faster, you can book longer appointments or go in for appointments more frequently. The process will work much faster if you are treating the hairs when they are freshly growing. If you are diligent in the first 2 hair cycles (4-6 months) then after that time is up, you wont have to come in for as long or for as often and you will reach permanency much quicker. 

How do I know if it's working?

 After the area has been cleared 1-2 times (4-6 months), the growth will begin to significantly slow down and your appointments should get shorter and less frequent. 

*Please note that a clearance is not a clear area after one appointment. A clearance will take 8-13 weeks due to the hair cycles.*  

If you have not noticed any reduction or your appointments have not become shorter or less frequent after 2 clearances (4-6 months of weekly to bi-weekly appointments), it may be time to have a conversation with your Electrologist and ask her for a progress update.

When can I expect permanent results?

Electrolysis is usually complete within 1.5 - 2 years of repeated appointments. Many success stories report permanency after as early as 6 - 9 months. 

If your appointments are not frequent enough and you are not keeping on top of new hair growth, lengths of 3 years are reported.

Temporary Side Effects


Your skin will be red for 30 minutes to an hour after treatment. For sensitive skin, a high setting or a long appointment, your redness may last a few days.


The area will be irritated, inflamed and may feel hot. This usually subsides within 30 minutes to an hour but may last a few days if you are very sensitive or a high setting was required.


Minor puffiness may occur especially on the eyebrows and upper-lip. The higher the setting that is needed, the more likely to occur. Apply ice and it should subside by the next day.


Scabbing is normal and may or may not occur on the face. This is more common with coarse hairs. Scabbing will always occur on the legs, toes, bikini and stomach. Apply polysporin as needed to speed healing. 


A few pimples here or there is ok but you don't want an entire break out every time. Should you have this reaction, let your Electrologist know. Some minor adjustments to the settings she uses will usually correct the problem.

avoid after treatment

Sun or Tanning Beds

Stay out of the UV until healed. Your skin creates pigment when it is trying to prevent itself from injury. This is why we get a tan. This can lead to hyper pigmentation in the area if you go into the sun while it is still irritated. The darkness will go away over time but its better not to get it at all. 

Make-up or Harsh Products

For fastest healing and to keep the area clean, it is best to avoid harsh cleansers or applying make-up for 48-72 hours. Some people avoid this advice and are fine. Others avoid this advice and prolong their healing time.


Any bacteria entering the area after your treatment can reduce healing times or increase chances of a bad reaction. Don't touch the area or pick at any scabs that may form after treatment. 

electrolysis tips

Stay hydrated

Your body is a conductor of the electrical current. Your electrologist can use a lower setting and the hairs will come out more easily if you are well hydrated. 

Be well rested

Electrolysis will feel more comfortable if you are well rested. 

Cancel if Sick

 Electrolysis has more of a sting when you are under the weather. The skin usually becomes more irritated and takes longer to heal after treatment. 

Don't schedule appointments during a menstral cycle

Electrolysis is more sensitive before and during your menstral cycle. The skin will also become more irritated.

Keep on top of the growth

If you treat the hair when its first growing, Electrolysis will work a little faster. If you can still see hair, keep going weekly or schedule longer appointments until it has been fully cleared. 

The power of the mind

The sensation is really not so bad. Think of how many people get tattoos, and Electrolysis hurts much less! If you tell yourself it is going to hurt, it will feel like its hurting more than it actually is. 

governing bodies

There are no regulations in Canada

Electrolysis is not a regulated trade in Canada and you do not have to go to school or be certified. For example, hair stylists require a Red Seal exam and must renew this licence every year. Electrologists do not have an exam or licence that is mandatory to practice Electrolysis.

Electrologists do not have to have any qualifications which is why it is important to find a good one. Some voluntary organizations offer a paid membership to be listed as a professional Electrologist but this is entirely optional and many great Electrologists are not members. 

health standards

Your Electrologist's establishment should have been visited by a health inspector to ensure all standards of Health Canada are being met. The Electrologist should use one time use, disposable probes. She should keep her office, bedding and tools clean. She should also be knowledgeable in the function of the skin and hair, skin diseases, bacteriology and proper sanitization practices. Once they have visited an establishment, they will normally follow up once a year. 

Temporary Hair Removal


Shaving does not affect the hair under the surface of the skin. It will not make the hair coarser. It is ok to shave during Electrolysis but you need to let the hair grow at least 2-3 days before an appointment. 


This forces the hair out by the root. Although it lasts 2-3 months, it will stimulate the hair follicle causing the hair to grow back darker, coarser and stronger than before. It will also distort the hair follicle, causing the hair to grow in odd directions. No pulling by the root once you have started Electrolysis.


This is basically the same as plucking or threading except that more hairs are removed at once. It will also stimulate the follicle and cause the hair to grow back worse than before. No waxing the area once you have started Electrolysis. 


By using a chemical bleach, you can make the hairs less noticeable. This option only lasts for few days until the roots begin to show.

Depilatory Creams

These creams essentially disintegrate the hair just below the surface of the skin. It can lead to chemical burns and scarring. You can use this method but may need to wait longer to let the hair grow before an appointment.

Electrolysis VS. Laser

According to the FDA, Electrolysis Hair Removal is Permanent Hair Removal and Laser is Permanent Hair Reduction. *Electrolysis works on all hair colors and is safe for all skin colors and body areas. *Laser is only effective on dark coarse hairs, is only safe for light skin and you cant have a tan or go into the sun at all. *Electrolysis is safe for all body areas but laser cannot treat sensitive areas such as the eyebrows or nostrils. *Electrolysis removes 100% of hair and laser can reduce 20-70%. *Electrolysis will not stimulate new growth but laser can stimulate new growth in some people. 

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